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Huge fidget cube scarlet Sale- Fidget Cube Scarlet Worldwide-Shipping fidget cube scarlet - vil. Who is the devil Is a single Yu Tiansuo, or to add Lei Yiming a Do not know, there is no evidence, do not know. She was fidget cube scarlet painful, she did not know how to analgesic, but do not know fidget cube scarlet how to live fidget cube scarlet after the pain. Reaching out and groping, she tried to probe out of bed, and finally let the palm of your buy official mokuru fidget cube scarlet hand on the ground. She was walking, and she rolled her breath with her breath and rolled down. After landing, she climbed forward, climbed to the table, leaning on the chair to kneel, gently opened the drawer. There is a half drawer in the drawer box, which filled with pen and paper, is her night to write to Zhang Jiatian, Lei Yiming sent to her over. His right hand trembling from inside caught a letterhead and a pen, she then lie down. Moonlight through the window The lattice came in, she just lying on a few lattic.ght, because in a sense, he finally won the victory. Yu Tiansuo dead. Yu Tiansuo s death, and Lei Yiming little relationship did not, and this war, but also a little relationship are not. He was drinking a few bottles of spirits, mad suction a lot of smoke after the smoke, died in the concubine s belly. Usually he was healthy, such as cattle, even a headache brain fever have little trouble, no one thought he would fidget cube scarlet have no warning of such a happy death. Immediately wind that is too good to say, so the cause of death announced, but the brain congestion. Lei Yiming heard the news, the kind of relaxed and happy mood can not say, was actually laughing on the spot, laughing east and west, almost fidget cube scarlet all the way from the fidget cube scarlet chair slipped to the ground. This time is good, he fidget cube scarlet would like to worry about all the internal and externa.

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ssador treat, you go is it, why should I bring this secretary I am now a bachelor, how can a wife have to take it, but fidget cube scarlet also a little bit bald, not nice. You are wearing a concubine I want to take a touch of English and communicate, and I can give fidget cube scarlet you a long face, he said, looking back at her and clearing her throat. Ye Chun did not hesitate to shook his head Marshal I can not from the life, this occasion, it is not fidget cube scarlet I should attend the three concubine wife will now speak a lot of English, people are beautiful and lively, going review out fidget cube scarlet will never give You are ashamed, you still go with her Lei Governor looked at her for a moment, suddenly whispered I beg you please He made a word, Ye Chun good just feel that he was a army refused fidget cube scarlet to fidget cube scarlet say that is not to speak, but if accepted this request, she has to fidget cube lightyellow be what the identity.but scoring off the occasion. He left home at home to see the house, the results of Lin Sheng male trouble dystocia, he saw the house scared half a life. This time fidget cube scarlet the home more lively, and simply set up a prison, inside shut his wife. In case of his housekeeping, his wife in the prison to find dead, which is responsible for who His wife did not die, but escaped, which is the responsibility of who These responsibilities are he can not afford, so he must have to live with Lei Yiming. Running the battlefield is bitter, can be relaxed heart, than in Beijing fear fear strong. Moreover, he is Marshal side of the people, to Marshal kind of disappointment of the momentum, even if eating a big defeat, as fidget cube scarlet long as he lived with Marshal, they will be able to fidget cube scarlet all the flies to flee home. After fidget cube scarlet a day, Lei Yiming left Tianjin, suddenly ran back to Zhili, is riding this train. She would like to see him fidget cube scarlet again bye. She has been conceited in their own vicious and smart, so always feel Lei Yiming who must have what they have not found the doubt, let her re see him once, she will be able to find his head on the corner, or ass behind the tail, She will cut his chest to see a look, look at such a devil, the heart is not black. Saw the locomotive has approached, she pulled out the pistol, the bullet on the chamber, and then the soldiers around the back gestures. But did not wait for them to really back, a loud noise shook the fidget cube in stock body under fidget cube scarlet the land, the rails of the fidget cube scarlet strong explosives were ignited, the locomotive fried deep seated, the fire has been rushed to the air. Man Shanhong side to avoid the meteorite with the fire of the fidget cube scarlet metal and spa.

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